Instructors & Dojos

Tony Heap 8th Dan - President and Chief Instructor of The Wado Karate Union

Heap Sensei has practiced karate for over 40 years, his instructors have included both Sensei Hironori Ohtsuka and his son Jiro, Sensei’s Suzuki, Shiomitsu, Tanabe, Arakawa and Maeda and many others including Kanazawa Sensei from the Shotokan school.  Sensei Heap has degrees in Movement Studies, Physiology and Sports Psychology. He has studied with others from the arts of Tai chi, Aikido and Jujitsu to broaden his knowledge of the martial arts. Having trained as an amateur and professional boxer he was always been interested in the fighting arts. Through his knowledge of body movement and dynamics he has formulated his own unique interpretation of the martial arts

Senseis Tony Heap & Arakawa Toru

Main Dojo: Hogarth, Chiswick


Gwyn Evans 8th Dan - Chief Instructor and Representative of

Welsh Wado Kai & Senior Instructor and Chairman of the Wado Karate Union


As well as being a renowned karate instructor, Sensei Evans is also a qualified judge and referee of national and international standard. Sensei Evans has practiced Wado karate for over 40 years with many of the worlds top Japanese instructors. Sensei Evans teaches at all of our Welsh dojos.

Main Dojo: Rhy Di Car Merthyr Tydfil


Steve West 6th Dan - Senior Instructor

Senior WKU instructor and former national kata champion. Sensei West has practiced karate for over 30 years at the highest level; he has represented England in both kumite and kata. Sensei Steve teaches regularly in our dojos in Chiswick and Ealing west London. He also oversees the children’s classes at the Hogarth, and schools in Ealing.


Main Dojo: Hogarth, Chiswick


Kate Williams 5th Dan Senior Instructor and Secretary for the Wado Karate Union

Sensei Kate Williams has been a student of martial arts for over 20 years. She is a former England representative in kumite and kata. In 1994, Kate became national kumite champion and in the same year represented England as a member of the Wado fight squad in the World Wado Championships, in Japan, where she attained third place in kumite. Kate trains and teaches regularly at our Chiswick dojo.


Main Dojo: Hogarth, Chiswick

Senseis Kate Williams & Dave Betts


Jakub Romanowski 4th Dan East European

Representative of The Wado Karate Union

3 times Polish Champion and vice European Champion in Full Contact Karate. Sensei Jakub has concentrated on developing ki training. He is presently performing demonstrations around the world on the possibilities of the “Human Organism”, which incorporates the development of will power, kime and the focus of energy and internal power. His demonstrations have been enthusiastically attended in Poland, Germany DSF Sport, Eurosport and Italy Rai Uno. Sensei Jakub teaches and trains at our Chiswick dojo.


Senseis Tony Heap & Jakub Romanowski


Dave Betts 5th Dan, WKU’s Northern representative

Sensei Dave Betts has been a martial arts student for over 25 years. He is well respected in Karate and the martial arts. He is particularly interested in researching the body movement and bio-mechanics and the use of body dynamics in Karate.


Main Dojo – Hull


Senseis Heap and Betts


Paul Clampin 4th Dan, Fred Lucas 4th Dan & Kevin Butler 3rd Dan

The centre owes much to Senseis Clampin, Lucas and Butler for the high standard of Karate amongst the junior members, because of their continual and dedicated instruction to the children.






Sala Uddin Ahmed 3rd Dan Chief Instructor of Whitechapel & Fulham Karate Club

Sala Uddin is both an inspirational teacher and a great role model to many young students. As well as being a very talented martial artist he also embraces the martial philosophy into his daily


Main Dojo: Whitechapel and Fulham


Sempai Eugene Dempsey - public relations

Eugene's entheusiasm and dedication to Sensei Heap and the WKU has encouraged the karate practioners he trains with. He has travelled and trained extensively in his determined quest to seek out the real martial arts. He is a much valued member of the club, with all his hard work and efforts being appriciated by his fellow students.

Main Dojo: Hogarth