Technical Information


Aigamae - Attacker & Defender in the same stance.

Ashi Barai - Foot sweep.

Budo - The Way of War" the ultimate reality of war.

Bujutsu - The science of war.

Chi Ren - Knowledge aquired through the training of the mind.

Chikara - Strength.

Choyaku - Jumping.

Chudan - Middle area of the body.

Chushin - The centre.

Dojo Training Hall - (Do) way method or path (Jo) a place

Fudochi - Immovable spirit.

Gedan - Lower area below the waist.

Gyaku Gamae - Attacker & Defender in opposite stance.

Henka Waza - A variation on a technique.

Hikite - Pulling back motion in Tsuki (punch) movement.

Hyoshi - Rhythm.

Jodan - Head/Face area.

Ka - A suffix denoting a student (i.e. Krateka is a student of karate)

Kagami - Ducking movement.

Kaiten - Turning of the body in different directions & to different angles.

Kamae - Position or posture of the body.

Karate - Empty hand.

Kata - (Form) a pre-arranged series of techniques.

Kekaeshi - Perform with same side (eg. Double kick)

Ki - The life force energy.

Kiai - Intense Ki (Shout or internal focus of energy)

Kime - Focus of technique.

Kokoro - Heart mental attitude.

Kokyu Chikara - Strength applied when inhaling.

Ma O Nusumu - Stealing distance as used in Kihon Gumite to obtain correct Maai.

Maai - Correct combat distance

Machi No Kata - Form of waiting as used in Kihon Gumite before attack or defence.

Meoto Te - Te (Wife's & Husband's Hand) denotes the hand movements in nagashizuki to be able to use both hands freely & subconsciously according to the circumstances.

Metsuke - Focal point.

Mushin - Empty mind

Nagashizuki - Flowing punch ie. to side step attack & counter punch.

Nage Waza - Throwing technique.

Okuri Ashi - Sliding step.

Seikenzuki - Straight thrusting punch.

Sensei - A teacher. (first born) A title of respect given for advanced knowledge.

Shinren - Training the mind.

Sotozemi - Attack the outside of the body.

Suki - A momentary gap in concentration an opportunity to attack.

Sutemiwaza - Sacrifice technique eg. Jumping kick.

Tairen - Training the body.

Tate Ken - Vertical fist.

Tobikomizuki - Lunge snap punch.

Torimi - Defender.

Tsugi Ashi - Hitch Step. Step with back foot to meet front.

Uchizemi - Attack to inside of the body.

Ukemi - Attacker.

Wado - Way of Peace & Harmony.

Zanshin - to be aware after attack flow of consciousness continues even after action finishes.