FAQs & Information


Q How much is a class?

A The price for adults is £10, for juniors it’s £6. You will need a licence which also provides your insurance. This costs £30 for adults and £20 for juniors, renewable annually. To download a licence form please click here or available at the dojo (Karate practice hall).


Q What age can my child start Karate?

A For insurance reasons we can’t take children until they are 6.


Q What should I wear?

A If you’re new to Karate I suggest you come for a few weeks before investing in a Gi (Karate suit), so come with loose, modest comfortable clothing.


Q Can I buy a Gi from your club?

A Yes you can, and with our club logo embroidered.


Q Is there parking available?

A Yes we have a car park. If you have a Sat Nav use our post code W4 2JR.


Q How much does it cost to take a grading?

A Each grade is £25.

Q Is the space available to hire

A Yes it is. You can hire our space for Karate classes, other Martial arts, Yoga, Pilates and most movement disciplines